• Hair in a classical bun or otherwise secured off of face and neck. Don't know how to make a bun? Watch THIS! If a dancer's hair is too short to make a bun, please pull it back into a ponytail or two pigtails that ensure hair doesn't hang down the neck or brush the face.  
  • Tights must be footed or convertible and cover the feet in the shoes.
  • Pink ballet shoes with elastics sewn on and drawstrings tucked in.
    • Dance to Your Own Tune, Pre-primary, Primary - pink short-sleeved leotard, pink finger-tip-length chiffon pull-on skirt, pink tights or white ballet socks, pink leather ballet shoes
    •  Grades 1-3 - lavender tank leotard with matching waist elastic, pink tights, pink ballet shoes
    • Grades 4-5 - marine blue tank or short-sleeved leotard, matching waist elastic, pink tights, pink ballet shoes
    • Intermediate Foundation - black leotard of any style, black waist elastic, pink tights, pink ballet shoes
    • Advanced - solid-colored leotard in dancer's style of choice, pink tights, pink ballet shoes
  • No jewelry except optional stud earrings. No necklaces, bracelets, watches, or dangling earrings.


  • Black or white ballet shoes. Elastics must be sewn on and drawstrings tucked in. 
  • All clothing should be fitted enough to allow the teacher to see proper alignment of the spine and hips.
    • Dance to Your Own Tune, Pre-Primary, Primary, Grades 1-3 - Black or navy blue athletic shorts (above the knee), white socks, black or white ballet shoes, solid white t-shirt (no graphics or brands)
    • Grades 4 and up - white t-shirt (no graphics or brands), black tights, black shoes or white shoes with solid white socks over tights


  • Bare feet
  • Hair pulled off face and neck
  • Ladies - solid-color leotard, footless/convertible tights or leggings
  • Gentlemen - athletic shorts (above the knee), form-fitting t-shirt/athletic top 


The Dance Store 4658 Commercial Drive, New Hartford 315-768-0203


Parking in Ballet Arts' Clark Mills parking lot is extremely limited. If all spaces are full, additional parking is available near the fire house off South Street. Public parking is allowed along the tree line. Additional public street parking is available on Mill Street.

Do NOT park against the fire house building or in either of the parking lots across from the studio.


In the unfortunate event that a student is late to class, the student should get ready as quickly as possible, then wait to be invited into the studio by the teacher. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, s/he will be asked to watch class and take notes. Appropriate warm-up is important to safe training. Dancers who miss the first parts of class and jump in to the middle are more likely to get injured. 


If a student must miss a class for any reason, s/he may make up the class in any other class of the same or lower level. Tuition will not be refunded or prorated for missed classes.  This makeup policy also applies to classes missed due to the studio closing for inclement weather. 


If the studio must close due to severe weather, a message will be posted on the Facebook page and on KTV's list of local closings. Please check these resources before you venture out into bad weather.