WHAt is yagp?

Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) is the world’s largest global network of dance. It reaches over 10,000 dance students annually by holding competitions, workshops, scholarship auditions, master classes and audition classes in 25 U.S cities and 8 international locations. Each season culminates in the week-long New York Finals, where more than 1,200 of the world’s most promising dancers receive in-depth mentoring and greater scholarship, professional, and performance opportunities. 

Why compete?

Learning and performing standard classical repertory is a key component in elite level ballet training. Being coached in a one-on-one setting, working independently outside of coaching sessions, and becoming comfortable with the months of repetition and honing that are required to prepare a solo variation teach a student valuable professional etiquette skills.

Familiarity with the standard choreography and different styles of the great ballets prepares ballet students for performing them in collegiate and professional situations. Classical, romantic, and contemporary ballets all have different styles of movement that are specific to their historical time period. Having experience in performing in the different genres prepares a student for professional work situations where the assumption is that the dancer understands the difference among the styles and can be taught standard choreography in rehearsal and accurately execute it immediately.

Performing in a competition environment prepares students for the varied pressures of working in  professional situations where precision and artistry are required in familiar and unfamiliar performance venues and settings. The skills required for a dancer be able to physically and mentally prepare her/himself for optimal performance take as much practice as the actual dancing. From physical warm-up to appropriate make-up and costume preparation, to the mental focus required to tune out the chaos of hundreds of other competitors, performance preparation must be as rigorous as the technical training.

How do i compete?

YAGP competition participation is by invitation only for the most serious student.

Minimum requirements to participate:

  • 3 ballet classes per week at Ballet Arts
  • Participation in Mohawk Valley Performing Arts productions
  • Pass RAD exam with Distinction where applicable
  • Availability for a minimum of 15 coaching sessions determined by student schedule and studio availability

Estimated YAGP 2019 costs:

  • Administrative & participation fee: $475 per dancer (additional fee for multiple competition pieces)
  • Hourly coaching fees: $50/hour once a week for an estimated 20 weeks September to February. Coaching sessions range from 30-45 minutes depending on competition age level. Determined by dancer schedule and studio availability.
  • Costume purchase, rental, or construction fees: $200-$500
  • Weekend travel & accommodation costs to competition city. 2017 hotel cost was $125/night.