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Our Classes

Dance to Your Own Tune Ballet (age 3 and 4)- This class aims to enhance the child's movement, ability, and physical fitness.  In addition, classes work to stimulate children's listening and build the child's confidence.

Pre-Primary (ages 4½ - 6) - A fun class introducing ballet positions and beginning steps.  These classes give a sense of movement, rhythm, and an appreciation of music.   

Primary (ages 6 - 9) - This class is structured while maintaining an atmosphere of fun.  Care is taken to establish the beginning of a strong technique  that will be the foundation upon which a good dancer is built.

Grade 1-8 (ages 7 and above) - The training progresses each year refining and building upon perviously taught techniques, while learing new and challenging steps.    

Intermediate/Advanced Training - For dedicated recreational students and career minded pre-professional students.  Classes at this level focus on the continued progression and performance of classical ballet technique.

Character and Free Movement (all ages) - All levels devote instruction time to providing a taste of different cultures and traditions of dance found across the globe.  Character dance is performed in all great classical ballets and is a essential part of a dancer's instruction.

At Ballet Arts of CNY, we teach the prestigious and proven syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance.  Under this system students are instructed in Classical Ballet, Free Movement, and Character Dance. 

All classes are designed to provide an education that is both age and skill appropriate.  From the youngest of baby ballet dancers to our trained   pre-professional company dancers.  Whatever it is you are looking for, there are classes suited for you or your child.

In addition, we strive to give our students the  added enjoyment of performing in our annual Dancer's Journey Showcase.  This yearly production provides students with a sense of accomplishment and  confidence as they progress through their dance instruction. 

Our Syllabus