DANCE TO YOUR OWN TUNE         Ages 4 1/2 - 6

A fun class introducing ballet positions and beginning steps.  We work to give a sense of movement, rhythm, and an appreciation of music.   

PRIMARY     Ages 6-9

This class is structured while maintaining an atmosphere of fun.  Care is taken to establish the beginning of a strong, safe technique that will be the foundation upon which a good dancer is built.



All levels devote instruction time to providing a taste of different cultures and traditions of dance found across the globe.  Character dances are performed in all great classical ballets. Strong character work is an essential part of a dancer's training.

GRADES 1-8 age 7+

The training progresses each year through the established classical syllabus, refining and building upon previously taught skills, while learning new and challenging steps and combinations.  

Recommended number of classes per week:

  • Grades 1-3 - 2 ballet classes
  • Grades 4-5 - 2 ballet classes, modern (required to be a grade exam candidate)
  • Grade 5, Intermediate Foundation, & Advanced - 2+ ballet classes, modern, pointe optional


For dedicated recreational students and career-minded pre-professional students.  Classes at this level focus on the continued progression and refined performance quality of classical ballet technique.

POINTE     grade 5+



Pointe work is an advanced technique that requires a strong technical foundation to be practiced safely. Only dancers who have been approved as ready for pointe shoes by the director may participate in pointe class. 

Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Syllabus

At Ballet Arts, we teach the prestigious and proven syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance. Under this system, students are instructed in Classical Ballet, Free Movement, and Character Dance.  

All classes are designed to provide an education that is both age and skill appropriate from our tiniest dancers to our highly-trained, pre-professional students.  We strive for our classes to be encouraging and challenging for both recreational and career-track dancers.

The syllabus progresses from the beginning level of Dance to Your Own Tune creative movement to top levels of Classical Ballet. Primary levels introduce basic movement ideas, physical creativity, and appropriate classroom etiquette. The following Classical Ballet grades levels 1-8 progress through a traditional ballet training regimen that emphasizes physical safety through meticulous practice of skills and intellectual and mental acuity in an age-appropriate progression of difficulty. Character Dance accompanies each classical level as complementary practice in performance quality and learning choreography specifically for performance. 

Ballet Arts offers exam preparation classes up to Grade 5, though higher grade level exam preparation is available to those who wish to pursue it. Participation in national exams is always voluntary per dancer, but we encourage all students to try it as an audition and performance experience.